Services of private security company Maximus

protection of administrative, office buildings and premises, shops, shopping and entertainment centers, industrial facilities, schools, kindergartens, mass events

Services of private security company «Maximus»

Our company is ready to offer its customers services to protect objects of any level of complexity, from a single security post in a small store, to the implementation of solutions to ensure the integrated safety of large industrial enterprises or shopping and entertainment centers. The protection of any facility always begins with the preliminary preparation and assessment of the current level of safety of the future protected facility, for this the specialists of the Maximus PSC:
- Conduct a comprehensive survey of the site, analysing existing as well as potential internal and external threats, identifying the best options for ensuring the proper level of security;
- make recommendations (if necessary) on installation of new or modernization of existing security equipment;
- Develop a system for the organization of intra-facility and checkpoint regimes *, taking into account the peculiarities of the protected facility and the wishes of the customer;
- taking into account the specifics of the object, the optimal number of security posts, the mode of their operation, goals and tasks is determined. Based on this, a preliminary calculation of the required number of security personnel, their qualifications, equipment, special equipment and other material resources is made;
- develop projects: Official instructions of the guards, Regulations on the internal object and checkpoint regime *, other necessary documentation and on the protection of the facility.

* The regime is an established, mandatory procedure for all the functioning of a protected object, which is formed from intra-object and checkpoint regimes.
* The intra-object regime is a list of internal rules and restrictions established at the enterprise (organization, institution, premises, other security facilities) and mandatory for execution, ensuring the safety of life and health of workers and guests, the safety of material assets, the protection of commercial and other official information. The control of compliance with this regime is usually entrusted to the employees of the security organization.
* The control and access regime is the procedure established by the administration of the facility and assigned to the security officers to control the movement of personnel, visitors, transport, transportation and transportation of materiel within the boundaries of the protected facility. This regime is used to prevent and suppress the uncontrolled movement on the territory and inside the protected object of persons who do not have permission to do so and to prevent the illegal import and export of property, the misuse of official vehicles, and the penetration of unauthorized persons into the territory of the protected object. The checkpoint mode in most cases includes: - Procedure for receiving visitors and issuing passes;
- the procedure for passing visitors and employees of the enterprise;
- The procedure for passing vehicles and property.

Various security equipment and access control systems are widely used for better protection of Maximus PSC facilities. Our engineering specialists are ready to provide installation, repair and subsequent maintenance of systems: video surveillance, fire alarm, access control (remote access locks, turnstiles, barriers, etc.).
The main principles of ensuring safety at protected objects for the Maximus PSC are:
- the active and preventive nature of the security regime is the early identification of signs of an impending attack on the facility and the timely adoption of measures to suppress it;
- Proper deployment and rational use of security forces and means;
- constant contact and timely connection of law enforcement agencies in case of situations related to the threat to life and health of people, as well as the safety of property at the protected facility;
- qualitative selection of personnel, individually for each facility, its training, instruction taking into account the set tasks and the customer's wishes for the organization of the security service.
PSC Maximus assumes full responsibility for the correct organization of work to ensure the safety of employees, guests and property of the customer.

Protection of administrative, office buildings and premises
These are stationary security facilities. The regime of protection of such facilities may be round-the-clock or selective (certain hours of the day). In the 24-hour mode, the security officer monitors visitors arriving at the facility in the daytime, provides a checkpoint, and at night protects the building (floor or separate office), taking full responsibility for its safety. The main task of protecting office and administrative buildings and premises is to provide:
- protection of life and health of employees and guests of the institution;
- preservation of material and other assets;
- monitoring of compliance with the internal and checkpoint regimes established at the facility;
- preservation of information about the company's activities;
- control over compliance with fire safety measures and other requirements and restrictions established by the customer.

Protection of shops and shopping centers
Retail objects are one of the most complex and responsible. At such facilities, security officers perform the entire range of tasks: organizing a pass regime, physical and psychological protection of workers and goods, preventing theft, damage to property, and anti-terrorist security. If necessary, internal security tasks are performed: inspection of goods and equipment, control of access to the warehouse, inspection of hand luggage and personal belongings of employees, escort (including armed) of material and responsible officials when collecting revenue from cash desks, before transfer to the collection service. Special attention is paid to the protection of trade facilities operating around the clock.
The organization of protection of large trading enterprises (shopping and entertainment centers, hypermarkets, markets) requires a special approach. The specifics of the protection of such facilities consist of a large number of structural units, each of which provides the solution of individual tasks and directions as part of an integrated security system. The number of such structural units, their composition and tasks are determined based on the customer's wishes and requirements. Such units usually include: fixed security posts, patrol groups, operational response groups, escort groups, a control, control and monitoring center, as well as other groups with special functionality.
Depending on the type and characteristics of the protected facility, as well as the Customer's wishes, Maximus PSC uses various approaches and models to determine the optimal system for ensuring the security of the trading facility.

Protection of industrial facilities
The protection of such facilities requires a special approach, this is due to the fact that most industrial facilities of the especially oil and gas production sector are located at a great distance from cities and towns, and some do not even have land access roads.
Specialists of the Maximus PSC always pre-visit the future security facility, assess the current level of its protection, find out the customer's requirements, the level of possible threats, the peculiarities of the location of the facility relative to settlements, the distance from the nearest locations of police and National Guard units, fire protection and emergency medical care. Proceeding from the obtained information, specialists of security company prepare the report where they specify the offers on quantity of posts of protection, the mode of their work, the equipment, equipment, technical means of safety and communication which are necessary for performance of the tasks set by the customer.
Protection of the facility is carried out in various ways depending on the size of the territory, the nature of the threats and the wishes of the client. For security, as a rule, stationary security posts are used, patrol groups, both on foot and mobile, using transport (cars, snowmobiles, quads). Both fixed and mobile checkpoints, inspection points for vehicles, transported and transported items and cargo, monitoring and control centers using video surveillance and other technical security and access control systems are being deployed. On the entire territory of the protected facility, monitoring of compliance with internal object and checkpoint regimes, fire and sanitary safety requirements is provided.
If necessary, the head of the facility's security or his assistant serve with official firearms, this is due to the danger of attacking people of wild forest predators (bears, wolverines, wolves) in the Northern Territories. PSC Maximus has a statutory permit for official firearms and their use in the provision of security services.

Protection of schools, kindergartens, other educational and other institutions with a mass stay of children
Special attention is paid to the protection of such facilities in the Maximus PSC. The safety of children, our main priority in the protection of schools, kindergartens and other educational institutions, therefore we approach this work with special care and responsibility, because we understand that people transfer the most expensive to our protection, that they have - children.
All security officers who are allowed to serve at facilities with a mass stay of children are required to undergo special selection, additional verification through the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, specialized training and advanced training. With them, special exercises and training on anti-terrorism and fire safety are periodically held with the involvement of specialists from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Guard and the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia.
The management of the Maximus PSC exercises increased control over the service of employees of the protection of schools, kindergartens, other educational and other institutions with a mass stay of children, and vowel and tacit checks are constantly carried out. All complaints are carefully processed and all incoming signals of unfair attitude of security officers to their duties are checked.

Protection of mass events
Employees of the Maximus PSC have extensive experience in ensuring public order and security during mass events, both in premises and at open venues (concerts, holidays, fairs, promotions, political events, corporate events, weddings, etc.).
We are ready to provide our customers with a wide range of services for the protection of mass events of any nature. Our legal specialists will assist in compiling a notification of a mass event in the territorial subdivision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and the Administration of the municipality. They will provide legal assistance in coordinating the time, place, nature and other issues of the event with local authorities. Common tasks solved by our employees at such events:
- familiarization with the security facility, its preliminary and basic preparation before the start of the event;
- Coordination of all necessary issues with the police, agreement on cooperation and support if necessary;
- Prevention of the entry into the protected area of weapons, explosives, combustible, poisonous and narcotic substances which may be used as weapons, posters, flags and other objects containing provocative or prohibited symbols;
- prevention of passage to the protected area or to the protected premises of unauthorized or undesirable persons for organizers;
- Control and maintenance of public order in the surrounding area and in the adjacent premises;
- control of visitors to the event at the entrance by monitoring incoming persons and checking their entrance tickets, as well as by random checking of documents;
- suppression of provocative and discrediting statements of various persons during the event, attempts to disrupt it;
- ensuring the safety of equipment and personal property of the organizers and guests of the event.
If necessary, mobile systems of video surveillance, access control and other technical security systems can be deployed.

The private security company Maximus provides security services to legal entities and individuals, on the basis of both long-term and one-time contracts. The price of the service is not fixed and depends on many factors, such as: the type of protected object, its remoteness, the number of posts and hours, the presence of weapons, technical security equipment and many other factors. In any case, all our clients can count on our individual approach and mutually beneficial conditions of cooperation.

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